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Good morning/afternoon, my dear teachers.My name is ............................................. I am ............... Years old and I am a student in class ............................ In Dich Vong Hau Secondary School. I am very sociable, humorous & helpful. My topic is number 1, talk about..............................................  Now I would like to start my topic.

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(sociable= outgoing: hòa đồng, humorous: vui tính, helpful: hay giúp ích, reserved=shy: e thẹn, active: năng động, careful: cẩn thận,.....)
 I have many hobbies, such as, playing football, trò chơi online & swimming. However, my favourite one is reading manga, a kind of Japanese picture books. Whenever I have spare time, I would like to lie on my bed and enjoy thrilling và interesting adventures described through beautiful pictures. Moreover, reading these  books makes me feel comfortable and relaxed after a hard-working day in my university. Sometimes, I tóm tắt my hobby with my best friends or my parents. Finally, sometimes, they make me think about life"s lessons of love, friendship và family by touching stories,which is the main reason why I like this kind of books. That’s the end of my topic. Thanks for listening.
I have many hobbies such as reading, traveling, playing sports, watching TV, swimming… But I like reading books best. I often reading books whenever & wherever I can. For examples at weekends, on holidays or before going to lớn bed…When I was a kid, my mother used khổng lồ tell me a story before I went khổng lồ bed. The stories were so interesting that always felt they weren’t enough. So I began to lớn read books by

myself.I always thua myself in the interesting stories. I enjoy reading very much, because books  bring me a colourful và limitless world. In the past years, most of my knowledge has  been obtained from books. Books can also teach me how lớn be a good person. Books even can solve many problems for me. I will read more good books lớn improve myself.Reading has become a part of my life. Everyday, I spend some time reading books, newspapers & magazines. I have great fun in reading. I love reading!!
-Talk about your health-Talk about 3 or 4 things lớn improve your health-Your feelings & future  Now I would like to tell you something about my health. I am modern child and lượt thích many other children, I don’t have good health. I eat a lot of fast food & drink too much soft drink every day. I usually play computer games and get online to chat with friends very often. I don’t join outdoor activities so I am getting fat day by day. I think it is time lớn pay attention on my health. I should do more exercise & take outdoor activities to improve my health. I should also eat more fruit, vegetables & eat less junk food.  besides I have khổng lồ play less computer games and shorten my online time. I think I will have a good health in the future. That’s the over of my topic. Thanks for listening.

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 -Talk something about the people in your local community (life, need…)-Talk about 3 or 4 volunteer activities you or your friends can vày to help them-Talk about your feelings & future Now I would lượt thích to tell you about my local community. I live in An Thanh Village. It is not a very rich neighborhood, so there are a lot of poor people who need khổng lồ be helped. They live in very old houses và don’t have enough food khổng lồ eat and don’t have enough warm clothes to wear. They have lớn work hard khổng lồ earn only a little money a day. Their lifeis so pity, so their children can’t go to school. My friends & I have made a plan khổng lồ raise

money for those poor people. We are collecting old clothes for them, too. Besides, we also give lessons lớn the poor children 3 times a week and at weekend. We hope khổng lồ help them overcome such hard periods and they will be able khổng lồ have a better life in the future. That’s the kết thúc of my topic. Thanks for listening.

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-Talk about the importance of music và art in your life.-Talk about 3 or 4 things music & art helping you-Your feelings and futureHi! Everybody. Many people listen lớn music và see art every day. I vì chưng too because music và art play an important role in our life. Art makes this world look more beautiful and music can heal our soul và make us happier. When you have trouble in your live or work, just listen to your favorite songs & watch something beautiful around us & thenyou will feel better and can overcome difficulties more easily. Even when you are lonely, music và art can be good friends of you. That’s why we all love music and art.That’s theend of my topic. Thanks for listening.
-Name your favorite food or drink.-Talk about the appearance , taste & ingredients-How to make it. -Your feelings và futureHi! Everybody. What kinds of foods bởi you like? My favourite food is Pho. Pho is the most popular food among the population & it plays an importance thing in the spirit of Vietnamese people, especially the people who live in Ha Noi. Anyone feels hungry in a short time in the morning can also enjoy a bowl of hot and spicy Pho to fill their empty stomach. Have many Pho but there are two main kind of Pho: Pho with beef and Pho with chicken. The ingredients of Pho are rice noodles and broth which is generally made  by simmering bones, fried steak charred onion and spices, it takes several hours lớn  prepare. When people eat Pho they can add some kind of thing such as chilli, pepper,...I love Pho very much so I can eat it everyday without boring. I"m sure that you vì it, too.