Đề Thi Tiếng Anh Lớp 6 Học Kì 2 Năm 2017


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Bạn vẫn xem: đề thi tiếng anh lớp 6 học tập kì 2 năm 2017Phuong Trung secondary school Class: 6A…..

Name: ………...

Written chạy thử term II School year: 2017-2018

Time: 45 minutes

Mark Teacher’s bình luận

I.- Circle the word that has the underlined letter(s) pronounced differently from the other : (1 pt)

1 . A.fine B. Sit C. Nine D. Line 2. A. Plane B. Garden C. Market D. Park 3. A. Post B. Photo C. Motor D. Town 4. A. Near B. Year C. Wear D. Hear II.- Choose and circle the best answer: (2,5 pts)

1. Hoang và Mai like………coffee in the morning

A. Drinking B. Drink C. Drinks

2. Nhan always………her homework.

A. Goes B. Does C. Makes

3. How………coffee bởi vì you need?

A. Often B. Far C. Much

4. You must………off the lights before going to bed.

A. Turns B. Turn C. Turning

5. ………is she going khổng lồ stay? – For four days.

A. How long B. Where C. What

6. He is traveling to lớn work ………..foot.

A. At B. On C.

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7. Which is the………river in Viet Nam?

A. Long B. Longer C. Longest

8. Nam giới is……….………TV now.

A. Watch B. Watching C. Watchs

9. Why don’t you………Huong pagoda.

A. Go B. Going C. Goes


III- Read the paragraph & answer the questions: (2,5 pts)

Mai & Hoa are going to have a trip khổng lồ the South of Vietnam. First, they are going to Nha Trang. They’re going khổng lồ swim và play soccer on the beach. There is a small house near the sea for them to lớn stay for two days. Next, they are going to visit Dalat for three days. They are going lớn stay in a hotel. They are going khổng lồ go around the city by horse. Finally, they are going khổng lồ visit Ho bỏ ra Minh city. Nam’s uncle lives in Ho bỏ ra Minh city. They are going lớn stay with him for 3 days và a half . Nam’s uncle is going to take them khổng lồ Dam Sen park lớn play a lot of interesting games.

1. Where are Mai và Hoa going to lớn have a trip ?

... 2. Are they going to stay in a hotel in Nha Trang ?

... 3. What are going to do on the beach.?

……… 4. How long are they going khổng lồ stay in Dalat ?

... 5. Where are they going lớn visit in Ho chi Minh city?

... IV- Give the correct size or tense of the verb: (2 pts)

1. What(they/do)………...now? They (play)……….…in the yard.

2. Lan’s brother (listen)………to music every morning. 3. Let’s (go)……….to the beach.

4. We ( visit)………..……Ha LongBay next month. V.Complete the second sentence,using the word given in brackests so that it has a similar meaning khổng lồ the first sentence:(2 pts)

1. My father usually drives to work.

- My father usually goes... 2.This house is beautiful.

-It is... 3.There are five people in their family.

-Their family has... 4.Hoa is 1.75 meter tall.Mai is 1.65meter tall.



Themes Weighting



ng Application Total

Phonetic 10%


0,5 1

0,25 1

0,25 4

1,0 Language

focus 25%


0,5 4

1,0 4

1,0 10


Reading 25%


0,5 2

1,0 2

1,0 5


Grammar 20%


0,5 2

1,0 1

0,5 4


Writing 20%


0,5 1

0,5 2

1,0 4


Total 100%


2,5 10

3,75 10

3,75 27

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