Where did you go?How did you travel?Why did you go on the journey?

Sample Answer 1

Last year, I had the pleasure of embarking on the most memorable trip of my life. It was a trip from Patiala to lớn Shimla, which is a distance of around 160 miles by automobile. It was my first self-driving travel experience.

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My friends called me a week before my 24th birthday lớn inquire about my plans. We decided to lớn go to Shimla & celebrate my birthday there on the spur of the moment. After completing my driving lessons and acquiring my driver’s license, I advised doing the road trip in our car. So, I requested my father lend me his car.

I was accompanied by four of my closest friends. They were concerned since I had never driven in a steep area before. However, I assured them that the ride would be pleasant. We had no clue about the road conditions while planning the route, & it was made worse by leaving the highway for a time; anyhow, the following 10 kilometers or so were on some of the worst, never-ending roads. As a result, it took us around 4 hours to lớn get to lớn the Shimla hotel we had reserved. Regardless, contrary lớn my worries, driving on hills was not difficult, and this was the first lesson that gave me the confidence to drive on hills.

Overall, the journey was delightful. We all had a good time on vacation. Fortunately, because it was a holiday, the roads were mostly empty. However, it took a long time to lớn get there since we stopped at numerous places for food and beverages. There was a lot of merriment there, and we weren’t in the mood to lớn leave sooner.

Sample Answer 2

Journeys have always been an enjoyable part of my life. Every trip has taught me something fruitful, and I have become a better person at the kết thúc of every trip. Also, by planning & executing random trips, I have enhanced my observation skills khổng lồ a great extent. The knowledge I have gathered through these trips is tough to accumulate through other means.


So, lớn tell you about a journey that is still immaculate in my conscious, it is the last travel that I arranged. So, all this while, I wanted to lớn visit secluded & quaint places. However, my previous trip was lớn Ladakh – one of the dream places of almost every adventure lover.

Initially, I had decided to travel by cab as Ladakh is approximately 800 km from my place. But I changed this decision all because of one đoạn clip on Instagram. While scrolling through this social media platform, I stumbled upon a video clip that showcased snow-laden mountains captured from an airplane’s window on the way khổng lồ Ladakh. The mesmerizing beauty of those mountains compelled me khổng lồ drop the idea of traveling by cab, & I booked plane tickets.

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I am an adventure lover, and Ladakh is one of the prettiest places on the earth. I visited there for its scenic beauty, lớn try delectable cuisines, relish colorful local festivals, explore gompas and monasteries, and rejuvenate và relax.

Sample Answer 3

Journeys, after all, are always unforgettable. It exposes us to new experiences and allows us khổng lồ unwind ourselves. I like traveling because it allows me lớn explore new places and experience new things around the world. However, there are certain travels on which I have had less than good encounters. I would lượt thích to discuss one such journey. 

I went on a road trip with my friends around three months ago. It was my first extended road trip with my friends, & it was the most unforgettable event of my life. Because my friends và I don’t get to see each other very frequently due to our busy job schedules, we decided lớn take a long road journey from Punjab to lớn Rajasthan. Ten of our friends decided khổng lồ come along, so we managed two cars accordingly. 

Everyone was requested lớn arrive at a mutually agreed-upon location on the scheduled day of the voyage. However, due to tremendous traffic congestion that none of us had expected, everyone was an hour late. Thus, our adventure began after considerable hardship. Nevertheless, because of the nature of the trip, it was a joyful and exhilarating experience for me. For a few hours, everything was working well, & everyone was having a great time. We were enjoying our little giggles, and the sight of the road flanked by trees. There was relaxing music playing in the background, and we were enjoying our fullest. 

 Suddenly, our journey was interrupted by accident. The first oto in the lineup came to a complete stop because a youngster was crossing the road in a hurry, and the rest of the cars crashed because they couldn’t control their speed. Everyone was upset and anxious for a few hours. After that, everyone felt sad và worried. After that, the thrill of the trip vanished, and towards the end of the journey, we just hoped khổng lồ reach our destination safely.


Unwind (verb) – relax after a period of work or tension.Eg: Music is a good way to lớn unwind. Encounter (verb) – unexpectedly be faced with or experience (something hostile or difficult).Eg: I have had a brief encounter with a wild dog. Tremendous (adj) – very great in amount, scale, or intensity.Eg: We witnessed tremendous change in our country.

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Exhilarating (adj) – making one feel very happy, animated, or elated; thrilling.Eg: An exhilarating workout is a great way to start the day. Interrupted (adj) – changing direction abruptlyEg: The meeting was interrupted by a knock on the door. 

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