Giáo án tiếng Anh 12 - Unit 1: trang chủ life (Writing) giúp học sinh học phương pháp viết một mô tả, những giai đoạn của một tế bào tả. Để nắm cụ thể hơn ngôn từ mời chúng ta cùng tìm hiểu thêm giáo án.

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UNIT 1: home LIFE - WritingDate of preparation: ……………..I. Objectives:1. Educational aim: Students can write a paragraph about family rules depending thegiven prompts2. General knowledge:- Students learn how khổng lồ write a description, stages of a description- Language:- New words: Words related to the topic3. Skills: Writing a narrativeII. Method: Intergrated, mainly communicativeIII. Teaching aids: Student’s book, notebook, some picturesIV. Procedure: Teacher’s activities Students’ activitiesWarm-up: (5 minutes)A word game. - Keep book close- Divide the class into 4 groups - Listen lớn the teacher và work in- Ask students to work in groups lớn revise the words pairsusing khổng lồ say about family - Work in groups khổng lồ revise the(in 2 minutes) words- call the representatives of the groups to lớn write as - Go to the board khổng lồ write the wordsmany words on the boards as possible. (in 2 minutes)- The winner is the students who has got the largest - Repeat the meanings of the wordsnumber of correct words on the board.

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In front of the class- điện thoại tư vấn some students to lớn repeat the meanings of thewords.Pre-writing: (10 minutes) - Listen to the teacher- - Ask students to lớn use the following verbs & and open the booksexpressions. - Read all words and expressions Give và read some words aloud : and work in pairs . _ Let ,allow, be allowed to, have to, permit, etc. A: bởi vì you have to do the + Some expressions: household chores? - doing household chores B: Yes, after my studying or my - coming trang chủ late free time. - preparing meals A: Are you allowed lớn come - watching TV home late? - talking on the phone B: No, because my parents are - using the family motorbike strict..- Listen lớn the pairs and help them if they A: vì chưng you often prepare the get some difficulties in speaking. Meals? etc - Ask students lớn stand up and say a paragraph about Each representative of a grouphis/her family. Stand up & say about the family. A: - In my family , everybody has to vị the household chores. I’m not allowed to come home late, I only can watch TV when I finish my homework......While-writing: (18 minutes) + Write the letter individually.Task 2 - Every family has its own rules.Ask students khổng lồ use the ideas they ‘ve dicussed lớn Mine has a few. First, everybodywrite a leter lớn a pepal about their family. Has to do the house hold chores, we- Give some out line: first, second, further more, only go out or watch TV when weand...finally.....etc. Finish all homework........- call two good students present their outline in frontof the class- Ask the others comment- Feedback & give some correction lớn help studentsto have a better outline to write.Post-writing: (10 minutes)- Give suggestions và corrections- Ask students khổng lồ read another’s mô tả tìm kiếm - Some students read loudly their- Ask some students to read loudly their mô tả tìm kiếm products in front of the class...- Correct mistakes and markHomework: (2 minutes)- Ask students to vì part writing of Unit 1 in the - Listen to the teacher & writestudent’s work book và prepare part Language down homeworkFocus