There are some key phrases that are usqmc-hn.comul to learn in English in order to lớn explain your daily routine to lớn another person. In order to lớn introduce these phrases, let me take you through a typical day in my life.

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I wake up at 6 o’clock. I get up at 6.50. I make a cup of tea and iron my clothes. I have a shower và get dressed. I usually wear jeans, a blouse, a jumper or cardigan và boots in the winter, or a skirt và blouse in the summer. I brush my hair, put on my make-up. I pack my bag with all my teaching materials. I then put on my coat & leave the house. I walk to the bus stop. I catch the bus at 8.15, and then I pay my fare & sit down. It takes about 45 minutes to get to lớn my destination three miles away. I get off the bus & walk to lớn the school where I teach English. I have khổng lồ sign in and get the key. Class starts at 9.25 và ends at 11.25.

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I have lunch at 12. I eat a baguette or sandwich at the local café. I sometimes do some shopping bqmc-hn.comore I walk back khổng lồ school. I bởi vì some photocopying và go back to my classroom. I teach in the afternoon from 1 to lớn 3pm. I then catch the bus back home and spend a couple of hours relaxing bqmc-hn.comore I cook dinner.

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My son goes to work shortly after I come home. Sometimes he cooks dinner bqmc-hn.comore I get home, and sometimes I cook. I like to eat rice or pasta with a sauce. I chop the onions, fry them and then mix them with garlic, tomatoes, carrots, spinach and chilies. I boil the rice and then địa chỉ the sauce. After dinner I wash up, sweep the floor, & tidy up a bit.

Then I make phone calls, mark my students’ work, vị the laundry. Then I go on Facebook, or watch TV until about 10.30 when my son comes home. We catch up on our day, & at about 11 o’clock I go to bed.

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Other days I get up early, go downstairs, put on my computer và teach on qmc-hn.com English Live for three hours. Then I have a break, eat dinner with my son, have a walk or go shopping bqmc-hn.comore returning khổng lồ work and teaching again for another three hours. Working at trang chủ can be very convenient và I love being able khổng lồ talk to lớn people around the world. It is also nice working in a school và seeing people on a regular basis and working in a team. So I feel I have the best of both worlds.